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Winter Saving Tips

With old-man winter knocking on our door, we would like to share some Winter Tips and Tricks that we received from our friends at Trac Solutions of Western Wisconsin & Steamatic Restoration & Cleaning.  Here are some suggestions you should keep in mind this winter to prevent damage to your home.

– Turn off outdoor water and unplug garden hoses.

– Change all furnace filters.

– Keep your furnace running at 50 degrees or above.

– If you leave for extended periods of time, be sure to have someone look over your home periodically.

– Never leave fires unattended, whether it be a candle or a fireplace.

– Keep an emergency kit under your kitchen sink and in your car

– Invest in pipe insulation if you know your home and pipes are susceptible to freezing

– Keep garage doors closed to trap in heat

– In severely cold weather, keep water dripping and keep cabinets open to prevent frozen pipes

– Make sure you have enough insulation in your attic and basement

– Remove excess snow from areas in your roof that may form ice dams