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Ready for Your New Driver in the Family?

Is your teen getting ready or has just earned their driver’s license?  We can provide some great points to think about regarding insurance, safety and saving money.

Understand the Facts and Risks of Teen Driving 

Many actions can help keep your teen minimize accidents while learning how to handle themselves behind the wheel of a car.  As a parent, you play an important role in educating and making sure your child understands the risks and responsibilities of driving solo.  You can learn more details on these actions.

  • Use a seat belt
  • Driving for Weather Conditions
  • Peer Pressure
  • Distracted Driving
  • Speeding
  • Alcohol Use
  • Poor Visual Scanning
  • Difficulty Judging Space and Time

Insurance & Vehicles

You need to consider 3 things when you teen starts to get their drivers license.

  • Finances
  • Readiness
  • Involvement

You can learn more on how to save money on car insurance.

Teen Driving Distractions

Distracted driving is one of the most dangerous temptations for a newly licensed teen driver.  You can  learn more on the State Driver Distraction Laws and how parents can discuss with their teen how cell phone usage affects driving capabilities.

Keys2Drive is a great resource to help parents discuss with their teens about important safety and cost saving facts about driving.

Tips on How to Avoid the Distractions while Driving

Do you want to minimize your distractions while you or teens are driving?  Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Storing loose gear and possessions that could roll around in the car, so you don’t feel tempted to reach for them on the floor or far seat.
  2. Make adjustments before you start your trip. Address vehicle systems like your GPS, seats, mirrors, sounds systems before you hit the road.
  3. Finish dressing and personal grooming at home, before you get on the road.
  4. Snack smart. If possible, eat meals and snacks before or after your trip.
  5. Secure children and pets before getting underway. If they need your full attention, pull of the road safely to care for them.
  6. Put aside your electronic distractions. Don’t use cell phones while driving – handheld or hands free – except in absolute emergencies. See how your cell phone usage can severely distract your attention to the road.
  7. If you have passengers, enlist their help so you can focus safely on driving.
  8. If another activity demands your attention, instead of trying to attempt it while driving, pull off the road and stop your vehicle in a safe place. To avoid temptation, power down or stow your devices before heading out.

Overall, as a general rule, if you cannot devote your full attention to driving because of some activity, it’s a distraction.  Take care of it before or after your trip, not while behind the wheel.  Go to AAA for more information.