Having a Fun & Safe Halloween Season

In 2014, Americans spent over $2 million in Halloween decorations.   As you are preparing your front yards for the ghouls and goblins to trick or treat this season, keep in mind the best ways to set up your home to minimize your risks while having fun.

Walk your Yard at Night

During the day, you don’t always see the hazards in your yard, like extensions cords, exposed roots, holes, etc.  By finding these ahead of time, you can fix or mark them for people to avoid them in the dark.  Make sure your front yard and walkway are well-lit so that those unfamiliar with your home can navigate safely to receive their treats.

Decorating Smartly

Here are a few things to avoid while decorating:

  1. Do not place decorations in the main traffic flow patterns in your yard.
  2. Avoid open flame or costumes/fabrics that drape over light bulbs that may cause a fire or harm to young trick or treaters.
  3. Avoid dried flowers, cornstalks and crepe paper near any sort of heat source because they are highly combustible.
  4. Never staple or nail through or fasten electrical wiring or extension cords in any way because it may damage the wire or insulation to cause a fire hazard.

These are a few tips to keep your Halloween festivities fun and enjoyable.  Happy Halloween from your friends at All-Time Insurance!

School is Back in Session! Keep Students Safe While Returning to School.


Now that students are returning to school, drivers need to remember to take care while driving during school hours and in school zones.  Staying safe is a priority for all!

  • Slow Down. While dropping your kids at school or in a residential neighborhood a 10 mph reduction in speed can save a major injury or a life.
  • Stay Alert. Although children should only cross the street in designated crosswalks, most crashes occur outside of these areas.  Watch for places where children could suddenly emerge between parked cars, from homes or sidewalks.
  • Come to a Complete Stop. Research shows that one-third of drivers roll through stop signs.  Always make a full stop in school zones.
  • Always Stop for School Buses. Watch and stop for any flashing lights on school buses to ensure the safety of the students.
  • Allow for Extra Time for Travel. Because school buses and children are around every corner during the morning or afternoon rush, allow more time for travel.  Be cautious when driving, and be prepared to slow down or stop for any situation.

Planning ahead can benefit both drivers and young students.  Good luck and stay safe in the new school year!  If you have any insurance questions, please feel free to contact an All-Time Insurance Agent.

(Source:  AAA Safety)